A Removal


The Deluxe Edition 

by CreditCupids




    THE BRAND NEW Deluxe Edition includes how-to-steps on removing missed payments, collections and hard inquiries from your credit report! These steps are guaranteed to help increase your credit score and maximize your future credit potential! During this time of such uncertainty, we have found proven ways to increase your score up to 100 points!

    This eBook save you hundreds of dollars! Why hire a credit repair company?! You can repair your own credit just by following the simple steps and scripts inside!

"A Removal Guide: The Deluxe Edition" Includes:

  • Accurate ways to dispute online successfully for all 3 Credit Bureaus!

  • Scripts to follow VERBATIM when speaking with all 3 credit bureaus by phone.

  • Secret contact websites and direct fax numbers that credit bureaus DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW!

  • Personable sample cover letters for removing missed payments and collections that has proven to be a SUCCESS!

  • KEYWORDS that assure your dispute positive resolution

  • Specific legal dispute reasonings geared toward the PANDEMIC

  • FREE BONUS TIPS & TRICKS To increase your credit score even more!

"A REMOVAL GUIDE: The Deluxe Edition" gives over $1,000's worth of information for JUST $35!


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Im soooo happy I found this E-book! I was so worried about my credit score lowering because of this pandemic, but surprisingly from following this book it actually increased! 


Woodland Hills, CA