Frequently asked questions

Which Credit Bureau Should I Purchase A Memebrship From?

When fixing your credit it's always best to have an account with all 3 credit bureaus. MyFico.com will give you an accurate score of all 3 once updated but if you need to make a dispute, they will redirect you to the credit bureau's site. I purchased memberships for all 3 credit bureaus as well as a memebership from MyFico. Just remember, when you apply for anything they will see what is on MyFico.com. Always be sure that your dispute resolution has been updated there as well.

Can I Dispute More Than One Hard Inquiry At A Time?

Yes, Ive seen people have up to 25 hard inquiries removed all at once!

Can I Dispute A Hard Inquiry Attached To An Open account?

Removing an inquiry from an open account on your credit report is NOT recommended. Once you dispute, theres a high chance that your account will be closed. Suprisingly, sometimes closed accounts reflect negatively on your credit report by loweing your score. If you are sure you want the account to closed, call the creditor first to close the account yourself before attempting to dispute the inquiry. If you decide to close your account, keep in mind that the older your account history the better. I recommend only closing the most recent account. Closing an older account may result in a lower credit score due to your credit age decreasing.

How Do You Know The Steps In "A REMOVAL GUIDE" Work?

Alot of time has been spent on my self credit repair journey. There are so many companies charging thousands of dollars for what can be found with a little percision and alot of focus. Through experience Ive finally found what works. I was so excited about what I was able to do for myself with no help that I couldnt wait to share with others. If only I had a helpful eBook at the beginning of my journey I wouldve saved A LOT of time!

What If I need Further Assistance After I've Purchase "A Removal Guide"?

"A Removal Guide" is a very easy read with simple steps written so theres not much research needed on your end. With that being said, we do understand that not all obstacles can be foreseen. We are ALWAYS here to help! Feel free to email us at info@creditcupids.com with any questions, comments and/or concerns and we'll get back to you within 24-48 hours. We'll be happy to further assist you! Also feel free to comment and/or message us on our youtube channel at www.youtube.com/CreditCupids!