"A Removal Guide: The Deluxe Edition" is here! As an extension to the previous ebook, this Deluxe Edition includes not only how-to-steps on getting missed payments removed, but also tips on how to remove collections, and hard inquries from all 3 credit bureaus! This new edition also includes numerous letters with an added FREE BONUS! Also recieve secret fax #'s and websites that the credit bureaus wont tell you that will support your disputing process! This e-book contains all the information from "A Removal Guide: Vol 1" plus A LOT more!

  Purchase the ebook and follow the steps to help increase your credit score and maximize your future credit potential.

 During this time of such uncertainty, this ebook includes proven ways to increase your score up to 100 points! Also includes tips specifically geared towards the pandemic that will speed up the process!


"A Removal Guide: The Deluxe Edition" will save you thousands of dollars! Why pay for a credit repair company when you can do it yourself following these simple steps and scripts.


Each hard inquiry can vary from 5-15 points on each bureau. Each missed payment is worth 35% of your credit score and takes 7 years to fall off on its own! This guide will help you get the hard inquiries and missed payments removed to boost your credit score.


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A Removal Guide: The Deluxe Edition

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